Varsity girls’ basketball defeated by Sequoia


Brian Olivares

Senior Victoria Matalae gets ready to take a free throw shot.

Brian Olivares, Staff Writer

The Carlmont Lady Scots were defeated by the Sequoia girls varsity basketball team in a well-fought game with a final score of 36-31.

The game started off with Sequoia in possession and Carlmont having two of consecutive shots scored until Sequoia scored a three-pointer and the score stood at 5-3.  The Scots continued to stay on top of the game until the third quarter when Sequoia took the lead.

I thought we played really hard. The intensity was there,”

— Head coach Dan Mori

After halftime, Carlmont and Sequoia were back at it again, the girls dashing back and forth across the court trying to get ahead of the other team.

Sequoia’s cheer team cheered on their girls, but they could not compare to the volume and intensity of the Screamin’ Scots, who remained positive and encouraging of the Carlmont team throughout the entire game.

The Screaming 100 school spirit pre-game event with pizza and a blocked off section of the bleachers brought a lot of supporters to the game to support the varsity girls and boys.

Throughout the game the girls from both teams fought tirelessly to try and get ahead, sharing high fives and words of encouragement to keep each other’s spirits up.

However, in the third quarter, Sequoia briefly pulled ahead of the Scots by a few points and kept their lead for almost the whole remainder of that quarter.

“In the third quarter, we stopped attacking as much, and we let them control the tempo a lot more,” Mori said.

In the final quarter, the Scots tried anxiously to pull ahead of Sequoia but never managed. With two minutes left and a three-point difference, supporters from both teams were on the edge of their seats. In the last seconds of the game, Sequoia kept their lead and ended the game with a score of 36-31 in favor of Sequoia.

“We started out strong, but as the game progressed, we started to lose our focus and get into our own heads,” said team player Erica Mendiola.

The team might have better luck at their next game, which will be against Aragon High School on Feb. 13 at 5:30 pm.