Walking to school is more fun than you think


Students Athena and Liam Frederick walked to school on International Walk to School Day.

Alex Lay, Staff Writer

Students throughout the world participated in International Walk to School Day (IWTSD) on Wednesday Oct. 9, including those within the Belmont Redwood Shores School District.

By doing so, parents and students showed their dedication to improving their health and the environment.

There were many perks to walking to school on IWTSD, including local schools that provided encouragement through prizes and announcements. Those that participated expressed the satisfaction that comes with improving the local environment.

“Whenever my brother and I walk to school we get stickers and prizes,” said Central Elementary School student Athena Frederick.

At Cipriani, students who walked to school received healthy treats and a chain with a foot token that they can collect and place on their backpacks to show their own dedication to the event.

At Central Elementary School, teachers and students expressed their competitive and determined attitudes through contests that were based on the number of walkers in their classes at Central. This sparked friendly competition between the classes.

Overall, there were many reasons why people participated including lessening traffic, a better environment, great exercise, and keeping students alert for class.

“Walking to school builds community, it is a healthy habit, and it’s also good for the environment,” said Central Principal Donna Sims.

“There is no down side to walking to school,” said Cipriani Principal Jennifer Gaboury.

Events similar to IWTSD occur year round at many elementary schools in the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District.

“On Redwood Shores Elementary’s Walk N Roll days, students who walk or bike get a little token as an incentive to walk or bike and they also put a sticker on a chart for their grade level. The grade with the highest participation rate gets the coveted Golden Sneaker Award in their classroom for the month,” explained Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Mindy Shelton.

On this sunny Wednesday, students walked from all over the school district to their school to support the many causes of IWTSD.

Last year, like this year, the event was a success and many students participated.

Students, teachers, and parents are planning to make every day a successful replica of the IWTSD.

Walking to school creates a healthier, better environment by lessening the carbon footprint that cars make, and getting children to exercise more.

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