Weight room renovations are underway


Mike Carlson

The weight room is being torn down in order to prepare it for the new additions.

Mike Carlson, Staff Writer

With funding from Bond Measure A and support from the Sports Boosters, Carlmont is expanding the weight room.

This project is scheduled to be open in early September of 2017.

The renovation of the weight room started in April, and the construction team is currently working on the destruction of the old area to prepare it for the new additions.

“Students can expect to see a weight room that has a modern look to it,” said David Low, a physical education teacher at Carlmont. “There will be new equipment and most importantly, there will be more floor space, providing a safer work area.”

In order to attain this floor space, the new weight room will take the place of some of the basketball courts that are next to it.

The funding for the actual remodel was provided by Measure A, which passed in 2014, according to Ballotpedia.

This bond will also provide funding for the new building by U-Hall, as well as the new cafeteria and renovations in the Student Union.

The funds from this bond will also go to future projects and additions to the Carlmont campus as seen on the Carlmont Facilities Master Plan.

The Carlmont Scots Sports Booster Club is currently planning on funding the equipment for the weight room and will be voting on releasing the funds during their May meeting.

This project will benefit students that are enrolled in weight training classes as well as those that are taking physical education classes or are part of weight training club.

Many students are grateful for the changes that will be made to the weight room and look forward to using it frequently.

“The old weight room did lack some machines, but overall it was good,” said Victor Navarro, a sophomore. “An improvement is nice though.”