What your favorite Conan Gray song says about you


Ainsley Colt

Conan Gray performing his song “Comfort Crowd” at his Oakland concert.

Conan Gray first came to fame through his successful YouTube channel, but following his EP “Sunset Season” in 2018, and his album “Kid Krow” in 2020, he’s also become a well-loved singer-songwriter, garnering nearly 19 million monthly listeners on Spotify. With Gray’s sophomore album “Superache” coming out soon on June 24, now is the perfect time to find out what your favorite song of his says about you!


“Memories” is Gray’s latest release, and it offers a fresh new take on typical sad love songs. If “Memories” is your favorite Conan Gray song, you tend to get stuck in the past. You love to collect things, and you take pictures of everything. You treasure your alone time and enjoy going on long drives to clear your head.

People Watching

If “People Watching” is your favorite Conan Gray song, you are a very loving person who values your friends and family more than everything. Your love language is gift-giving, and the holidays are your favorite time of year. You may have been accused of being too dramatic, but really you just feel things much deeper than everyone else.


If “Astronomy” is your favorite Conan Gray song, you are a very sentimental person who has a tough time letting go of the past. You love to read, and you use listening to music as a way to escape your life. You love your friends and family but often have the best times when you’re left alone.


If “Overdrive” is your favorite Conan Gray song, then you love to have a good time. You’re extremely extroverted and hate being alone. Driving at night while playing music and singing with your friends is your all-time favorite activity. You enjoy trying new things and take pride in your ability to make other people laugh.


Conan Gray himself has said that “Jigsaw” was his most emotionally raw song. If “Jigsaw” is your favorite, you are a very honest person that’s been through a lot of hardships. You keep a small group of really close friends that have almost become like family to you. You’ve always wanted to travel the world, and you prefer cats over dogs.


If “Affluenza” is your favorite Conan Gray song, then you are a hilarious person with an infectious laugh. People can’t help but love you the second they meet you, and you have a way of always looking effortlessly perfect. You love thrifting and trying new foods.

Little League

If “Little League” is your favorite Conan Gray song, then you miss your childhood more than anything. You’ve had the same friends for most of your life, and you love to spend time with them. You love dogs, Disney movies, and trying out new styles of clothing.

The Story

“The Story” is a song that feels almost like a diary entry. It’s profoundly personal and discusses many dark themes in life. If “The Story” is your favorite Conan Gray song, then you’ve struggled with your identity and with finding the right people in your life. You’re a very strong person who would do anything for the people you love. You enjoy reading and anything artistic.


If “Maniac” is your favorite Conan Gray song, then you are a bold and independent person. You won’t hesitate to call someone out for what they’ve done, and you always have your friends and family’s backs. You don’t tend to focus too much on the academic part of your life, but you have big goals nonetheless.


“Heather” was the song that truly catapulted Gray to fame after it went viral on “Tiktok.” If “Heather” is your favorite Conan Gray song, then you are a very honest person. You’re not a big fan of change, and you love to rewatch movies you enjoyed as a child when you feel down. You’re usually quite introverted, but around the right group of people, you become the life of the party.

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