What your favorite Trader Joe’s product says about you


Stella Pavao

Trader Joe’s’ creative products have made the store a favorite of Instagram bloggers and average consumers alike.

Since the Trader Joe’s brand began production in 1972, it has become a cult-favorite grocer. The brand’s signature tropical branding combined with its unique products has made it a staple for pantries across the country. Over the past few years, Trader Joe’s has gained a new customer base with the help of Instagram accounts dedicated to its innovative products. People’s favorite items of the store’s unique foods can tell their personalities.

The History of Trader Joe’s by Stella Pavao

Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning

Everything but the bagel sesame seasoning combines many spices and seeds that all come together in a harmonious sprinkle. Like this spice mix, you have a unique ability to make calm of chaos. You are incredibly organized and always have your ducks in a row. People often rely on your maturity and follow your advice.

Speculoos Cookie Butter

Speculoos cookie butter is a favorite of children and adults alike. Much like this spread, you are warm and comforting. You are a great listener and always offer a shoulder to cry on. Whether you’ve known someone for five years or five minutes, you are a universally good friend to have around.

Cauliflower Gnocchi

Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi have quickly asserted themselves as a favorite item in the freezer aisle. If these are your favorite, you appreciate the simple things. You are dependable and enjoy the little things in life. Much like these veggie-based dumplings, you value health and finding new solutions to old problems.

Chili & Lime Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips

Chili & lime rolled corn tortilla chips packs a flavorful punch. Much like these chips, you enter every room you walk into with a splash. You are always down for a good time and seek to find the best in everything and everyone. People gravitate towards your positive energy and sunny disposition.

Unexpected Cheddar

Unexpected cheddar is a perfect representation of the creativity of Trader Joe’s products. This cheddar cheese deviates from the norm by incorporating the texture and crystallization of parmesan cheese. Much like this cheese, you strive to push the boundaries and try new things. You are creative and a free thinker. 

PB & J Snack Duo

There is no combination more classic than PB and J duo. You are a loyal friend and are constantly there for the people you care about. You are a true kid at heart, and while some might call you immature, your playful energy draws people towards you.


*All of these are assumptions that reflect the views of the author Stella Pavao