What your favorite Winter Olympic sport says about you


Pékin 2022 / France Olympique / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

French alpine skier races through the obstacles in the frosty snow.

The Winter Olympics are always a fun pastime for millions of people worldwide. Every four years, traditional sports like figure skating, hockey, and snowboarding bring countries together to compete, determining who is the best of the best at each event. As spectators, many of us root for our favorite countries, but most of us are even more dedicated to watching our favorite sport. Find out what your favorite Winter Olympic sport says about you!

Ice Hockey 

If you eagerly root for your country’s hockey team, you have a natural sense of teamwork and work well with others. This sport is fast-paced and action-packed and keeps your eyes glued to the different players as they pass the puck back and forth over and over again. Like the players, you have determination and ambition but a thirst to win most of all. You’re hardworking and honest and always give your best at anything you do.

Figure Skating

If your favorite winter Olympic sport is figure skating, you have an eye for beauty and appreciate the true difficulty of the sport and all its aspects. You enjoy watching the skaters spin, jump, and twirl elegantly through the air in their whimsical outfits. You are also easygoing and relaxed and enjoy the luxurious parts of life. 


If you like watching curling during the Winter Olympics, you often find yourself being a perfectionist, attempting to make no mistakes. Curling involves precision, aiming, and pushing the stone to precisely the right place. Your friends find you a responsible and mature person, perhaps even the parental figure!


If you love watching competitors bobsledding, you enjoy a great adrenaline rush. Fun-loving and go-lucky, you’re an extrovert who probably has tons of energy. You probably enjoy sledding through the snow rather than skiing or snowboarding. There’s nothing more appealing to you than racing down a snowy hill at top speed and feeling the cold wind blow past you. However, sometimes you might be quite reckless, but your charming personality makes up for it.


If you enjoy watching snowboarding during the winter Olympics, you are known for being adventurous and spontaneous around other people. This reflects your liking for watching the snowboarders flip, leap and fly into the air, doing ridiculous stunts that regular people wouldn’t dare to do. Your friends like being around you for your confidence and bravery, not to mention a knack for mischief.