Wildcats take home a win against the Scots


Mackenzie O'Connell

Isabel Mayoss challenges the ball as she plays with intensity against the Wildcats.

Mackenzie O'Connell, Staff Writer

JV girls soccer took a 3-0 loss against the Woodside Wildcats under the lights at Carlmont High School on Feb. 9.

The Scots’ defensive line had trouble with the Wildcats’ offense as the Wildcats sent balls through the defense throughout the game.

Junior Paris Bartolo said, “We played hard in the beginning and end of the game, but started losing motivation once they scored.”

As the ball was moved up and down the sidelines during the first half, the Wildcats were able to score their first two goals in the first half as goalie sophomore Cate Armstrong worked hard to keep the balls out.

Sophomore Katie Snider said, “Both our goalies [freshman Logan Bonetti and Armstrong] played well tonight. They both had some hard saves.”

As the first half came to an end, the Scots began to falter in their motivation. Communication was lacking between teammates as they fought for the ball to try to earn a win.

Sophomore Gianna Westmorefield said, “We need to communicate more, but we put in effort. If we communicate and keep putting in effort, another win will pull through.”

Once the second half began, both teams regained motivation as the rivals went in hard against each other in their fight for possession.

The heat of the rivalry showed in the upped contact of play. Sophomore Laura McGann was fouled, and a yellow card was presented to one of the Wildcats.

During the final minutes of the match, the Scots put full effort into their play as multiple chances were made by the Scots’ offensive line.

Snider said, “Paris played really well in the final five minutes. She left the field playing her hardest tonight.”

Freshman Samantha Tolu also created many chances for herself, but none were able to make it in into the goal.

Bartolo said, “We did lose, but we put in a lot of effort even though we were unable to save those goals and score our own.”

Although the Scots were defeated, the team is determined to work on future effort and communication to put them back on track.