Yacht Club offers uplifting environment for students


Vincent Wai

Alexandra Dolgashev and Rachel Combs, both leaders of Yacht Club, run their scheduled presentation to the members.

Vincent Wai, Staff Writer

Yacht Club: a name that stands for something more. What could it possibly mean? It is simply a place for students and their friends to relax and share a laugh in the unique environment the club has to offer.

There are many views on this club. Some use it for relaxation purposes, and others take advantage of the simple things their clubs have to offer.

The purpose of the club is surprisingly to mock the rich and make good humor. However, to the students of Carlmont, it is more than just a funny joke.

Oliver Estrada, the vice president of the club said, “People should join because being apart of Yacht Club is really a lot of fun and we teach people valued lessons. Not to take away that the whole idea of it is quite humorous. The environment in yacht club is really great. Everyone is happy and laughing or talking about things going on in Yacht Club. That may be our silly presentations; regardless, it’s just a great place to be in.” 

From the members’ perspective, Yacht Club really offers more than a place to laugh and relax. With a very welcoming environment, members of the club enjoy their time there.

Jojo Lin, a sophomore, said, “Yacht club is a place where my friends and I can go to relax and eat and have a good time. It has definitely benefited me by giving me a fun way to spend my lunches on Wednesday. I would describe the environment of the club as very light-hearted, humorous, and welcoming. It’s special because I’ve never been to a club like it.” 

The combination of humor and the carefree attitude of the club is what really gives the club its special traits.

Allie Ayers, a sophomore, “Even though the club president may say otherwise, I think the purpose of Yacht Club is to help everyone who attends to get through the week with some humor. It is a place to hang out with friends and offers lots of entertainment.”