Scots outrun the Mustangs

Ivy Nguyen, Staff Writer

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With hundreds of athletes competing in track, long jump, high jump, shot put, and discus throw, it’s hard to determine whether a collective school team won or not.

In the case of the Carlmont Scots against the Capuchino Mustangs, it was clear that the Scots finished the meet with many victories.

Junior Noah Shamsai said, “I think this meet was a good start to the season. We competed strongly in every event, and I made a personal record of 24.00 seconds for the boys’ 200-meter, so I’m pretty happy. I look forward to see how much the team and I can improve for our next meet.”

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  • Junior Eli Brenman leaps through the air and lands a clean long jump.

  • Senior Kyle Ramos looks down and breathes to calm himself before the relay race.

  • Senior Dwight Norton slow his pace as he runs through the finish line.

  • Junior Noah Shamsai smiles after finishing the boys' 200-meter race. "I made a personal record of 24.00 seconds, so I'm pretty happy," said Shamsai.

  • Junior Brandon Wong flies in the air as he attempts the long jump. He said, "I really felt like I put everything I had into that jump, and I was very satisfied with it. I was really happy with my results for my first track meet. My only goal for the next meet is to beat my personal best."

  • Sophomore Andrew Luna calmly runs in the lead. "Running is physically hard, but I love it," said Luna.

  • Senior Steven Palthe clears the hurdle in the boys' 110-meter hurdle race.

  • Junior Spencer Enriquez does a heel turn before getting into the power position and releasing the discus.

  • Brenman picks himself up and shakes off the sand after landing from a long jump.

  • Junior Kristina Tom places the shot in the crook of her neck before putting it.

  • Palthe is in the lead for the boys' 300-meter hurdle race when he accidentally falls. He shakily gets up, and the other opponents let him win in a show of good sportsmanship. Palthe said, "I was embarrassed that I fell after so much hard work throughout the week to do well. I made sure to finish strong though even after falling."

  • Sophomore Danny Crook places the measuring tape at the end of the hole to determine the distance of a long jump.

  • A volunteer fires the starting pistol as the Carlmont and Capuchino runners start.

  • Sophomore Nick Moon just barely clears the crossbar after lifting his legs at the last second.

  • Sophomore David Shen heavily breathes during a tiring race.

  • Coach Lou Schuman congratulates sophomore Jason Lloyd on a victory.

  • Junior Noah Shamsai lifts up sophomore Ty Marshall to congratulate him on a successful race.

  • Senior Garrett Lockhart starts shuffling forward to prepare for the baton handoff from senior Michael How.

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The Scots are satisfied with the first track and field meet of the season, but they have ambitions to do better at the next meet at Woodside High School.

Senior Steven Palthe said, “As a team, the meet went well, especially for our first dual meet of the season. There were very few hiccups and everyone tried their best during their events. At the next meet, I hope that more people participate in multiple events as that gives us a greater chance of winning and allows people to participate more in track.”

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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