49ers finalize trades


(Photo courtesy to upload.wikimedia.org via creative commons)

(Photo courtesy to upload.wikimedia.org via creative commons)

In the last week, the San Francisco 49ers finalized several trades that involved many high profile players.In one trade, the 49ers acquired Superbowl champion and wide receiver Anquan Boldin from the Baltimore Ravens. In the other trade, they decided to send second string quarterback Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Smith spent eight years with the 49ers and was known overall as a successful quarterback. His success in the playoffs was undermined by four head coach changes and a shoulder injury in 2007.

After head coach Jim Harbaugh arrived in 2011, Smith flourished as a quarterback, as did his record. Since 2011, his record has been 19-5 with Harbaugh as coach while it was 19-31 in all his previous seasons.

Smith was also known for his kind-hearted personality. After suffering a concussion last season that lost him his job at starting quarterback, he supported and mentored backup Colin Kaepernick into a very successful quarterback.

Senior Merouane Ounadjela said “Although Alex Smith was one of my favorite players, I understood the trade for the Niners. I’ll still be rooting for Alex in Kansas City and will remain a fan of his because of his professionalism and never-give-up attitude and hope he continues his winning ways he started in SF.”

Smith was sent to Kansas City in exchange for a second round draft pick this year and a third round draft pick next year.

Many 49ers fans were very pleased with the Raven’s trade for Anquan Boldin in exchange for a mere 6th round draft pick.

Senior Mark Gustincic said, “I think the 49ers trade for Anquan Boldin was a great idea because the 49ers need more depth at wide receiver.”

Boldin, a three time pro-bowler, ten year veteran, and multiple NFL record holder, will be a valuable addition to the 49er’s offense.

With the many recent trades that the 49ers have made, their Superbowl chances are already looking better than last year.