A treat for AVID seniors

A treat for AVID seniors

The annual senior retreat for Carlmont High School’s AVID students took place last Thursday, Sept. 22, at Venice Beach in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Seniors were rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the program for their high school years with a fun, overnight trip to the beach.

Many students that attended this field trip saw it as an enjoyable opportunity to escape the everyday muddle of high school life cooped up in the classroom and enjoy the companionship of their AVID “family” class for a day.

AVID teacher Melissa Hero and guidance counselor Tammy DePaoli enjoy taking the senior class on this trip every year because of the bonding and community building activities that take place. In addition, they find it a nice way to see the growth within the students in the last four years.

Many students returned from the trip glowing, having strengthened bonds within their AVID “family” before graduation and having the wonderful opportunity to learn in a more exciting environment more conducive to teens.