A universal preparation


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The heritage fair is only two days away, and clubs are eager to perform for their peers.

While the heritage fair takes place during school hours on Friday, Mar. 2, everyone loves to participate and enjoy the various cultures Carlmont is home to.

“The heritage fair is my favorite assembly, I like how we get to see all the cultures come together,” expressed student, Jordi Vasquez.

In these last two days, clubs are doing their last preparations to demonstrate their cultures and pride. “Even though I hate performing, I do because I get to show people a taste of India,” gushed Shaina Champarathy, who will perform an Indian dance.

Clubs like India, Latino, Asian-American, Swing, and other clubs will perform to show their peers what their culture has to offer in dance and music.

“In a huge campus like Carlmont, many of us tend to go unnoticed, but with the Heritage fair, we get to show people how great Latinos dance,” joked Latino club member, Jessica Rivera.

A performance that captures the many flavors of a culture require weeks of organization and dedication to florish on stage.

Asian- American wasn’t so lucky, when they began to practice for their performance, “We weren’t as organized and dedicated this year. Not a lot of people came to the meetings, and when they did, it was hard for them to learn [the dance],” explained Asian- American club member, Katrina Pahati.

No matter what highs or lows clubs faced in preparing for the heritage fair; one thing is certain: people will enjoy the unity and food that comes with the heritage fair.

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