Art on the Square show provides a stroke of creativity for Redwood City

Art on the Square was held inside the San Mateo County History Museum in Redwood City.

Andrey Zaytsev, Staff Writer

Local residents and artists came to the Art on the Square show in the San Mateo County History Museum to view and share art.

Pottery, jewelry, woodwork, ceramics, painting, and photography were just some of the forms of art displayed at the event.

While the show allowed locals to see the delicacy in the fine works art, it also provided criticism for many artists. One of the artists used this feedback in order to improve on his artwork and the show helped him see what is more popular with patrons.

David Wertheimer, a woodworker, said, “A lot of folks here will tell you their craft is very solitary. I spend a lot of time in my shop making things without a lot of direct interaction or feedback. I love the shows because you get feedback when you sell things, but also the folks who don’t buy things saying, ‘Oh I love that’ or you see what people go after versus what doesn’t get as much attention.”

Aside from coming to the art show to gain feedback, artists also often come to meet new people and explore new places for them to sell and exhibit their art.

Alejandro Valle, a jeweler, said, “I started in Mexico and then later I traveled all throughout Central America, and now here I am in California. I love traveling because of the different people, places, and the weather.”

However, artists are not the only people who bring themselves to these displays of creativity and talent. Citizens of Redwood City come to the art show to experience the beauty in the many styles of art.

“Artwork is magnificent in many forms, it’s always wonderful to see what people are making, and it’s inspiring,” said Judy Kasle, who was there to support her artisan friend.

The Art on the Square show brought artists and local residents together for their passion for art. It allowed the artists to grow and improve their skills, as well as allowing visitors to experience the unique artwork that the artists brought.

“It opens a million doors for me, both socially and professionally,” says a local potter named Eliza Thomas.