San Carlos Art and Wine Faire celebrates its 27th year


Nina Heller

The Art and Wine Faire stretched throughout downtown San Carlos, drawing big crowds amidst the high temperatures of the weekend.

Nina Heller, Staff Writer

With fall arriving, community members braved the heat to attend the San Carlos Art and Wine Faire from Oct. 7-8 in downtown San Carlos.

The Art and Wine Faire occurs every fall and is sponsored by the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce. Along with art, there is a kid zone, live music all day, a car show, and food. The event lasted from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

“I’ve been coming here for years because the money is good and I love to see my regular customers. I’m also local; I live down in Menlo Park, so I see people I know which give it a community aspect as well,” said Karen Ferguson, who makes hand-dyed clothing.

The types of artists ranged from clothing to textile artists, such as Ferguson, as well as painters, sculptors, and jewelers, and everything in-between. Tents lined Laurel Street and San Carlos Avenue as far the eye could see and crowds flooded the city. Loud music played from the stage in Harrington Park, and people cooled off with various food and drink items they had bought from food vendors.


“I love seeing all the creative new vendors, to see what people are doing locally. It is amazing to see how creative people get, as well as all the local entrepreneurs,” said Emily Heck, a Carlmont alumna who was selling tea from the tea business she owns called Pollin8.

The Faire takes place during Columbus Day Weekend every year and draws hundreds of people. Many artists return each year, such as Ingrid Hanson, a local glassblower who has been attending for 15 years.

“I am a local business, based in San Carlos, and I love to be involved in the community and it is good to exposure for my business. The sales are always really good here as well,” said Hanson.

In addition to the veterans, newcomers also filled the streets.

“It is my first year here, but I have always heard good things. The people have been really nice, sweet, and very interested in seeing art,” said Joshua Haiman, a jeweler.

Attendees also appreciated the many facets that the Faire had, which made it enjoyable for everyone.

“I love listening to the music and selling water, as well as seeing smiles on peoples faces,” said Maxi Guillermo, a sophomore who was volunteering with Key Club by selling bottled water.

For both artists and community members alike, the weekend was a success, as seen by the high magnitudes of people and the smiles all around. Artists such as Hanson return each year not only for the sales but also for the community.

“One of my favorite parts is seeing all the people, those that I know and those that I don’t know. Connecting with people is really great,” said Hanson.