ASB president leaves his mark on Carlmont


Adriana Kurtovich

Liam Jocson, ASB president, drops blank sign-up sheets in a folder outside the ASB room.

Adriana Kurtovich, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end, so does Liam Jocson’s ASB presidency.

Jocson is a senior who is the ASB president as well as the president of the Filipino Club and a member of the drum line.

Throughout his senior year, he has been involved in different extracurricular activities to show his leadership and teamwork skills, which he will carry on through college and the rest of his life.

Jocson said, “I have been taught leadership curriculum that I couldn’t get anywhere else.  The experience I obtained from collaborating with 79 of my peers will be applied in my future academic career endeavors.”

Within ASB, Jocson and the other members of the board planned field trips and other bonding activities that ensured that the members enjoyed their time, strengthened bonds with one another, and stayed motivated to do productive work for the school.

During ASB executive council classes, members work together to come up with new activities for the school and create spirited signs to inform students on important events.

Carlmont Activities Director Jim Kelly and Jocson supervised the other students and made sure everything was organized and working well.

Many ASB members feel that, while carrying out this role, Jocson has created a lasting impression on the school community.

Kayla Gustafson, a member of ASB, said, “I will remember mostly how he let other people take leadership roles, observed a lot, and stepped in when he needed to; which is a great leadership quality.”

Jocson has made many memories throughout the years by taking on leadership roles in school clubs and being a member of the drum line, but many of his favorite memories came from being ASB President.

“My best memory as ASB president is definitely Homecoming. It was an intense logistical ordeal that required both councils to really get involved and interact with each other. Watching everyone’s hard work manifest into a solid spirit week will never be forgotten,” Jocson said.

Jocson is working with the upcoming ASB executive council members to make them more comfortable with their new positions and believes that the transition will run smoothly.

“I hope that I’ve left a positive impact on Carlmont, and I have full faith in the executive board of ASB next year,” said Jocson.