ASB interviews possible new members


Rachel Hunter

An interview is being written down as they actively listen to the interviewee.

Rachel Hunter, Staff Writer

To enroll in ASB, students must do more than just fill out an application; they must also be interviewed to show their passion for the subject and compatibility with the class

The interviews will take place after school in the ASB room from March 6 to March 15 and are conducted by the current and future class and ASB officers, the supervisors of each committee, and Jim Kelly, the activities director.

It is difficult for the interviewers to choose who will get into the class because more than 50 students applied for only 20 spots.

Liam Jocson, a senior and the current ASB president, said, “It’s hard to identify certain aspects of a person’s character in a 10-minute interview, especially with people I don’t really know. So, the executive board does their best to make sure the person feels super comfortable so they can be themselves and bring their best to the table.”

It’s not just ASB that has a difficult time during the interview as many people feel nervous and self-conscious, despite ASB’s efforts to create a comfortable atmosphere. 

Kyla Orthbandt, an upcoming sophomore, said, “I’m really nervous about the interview because I’m going to be in a room full of people I don’t know who are going to be asking me on-the-spot questions about anything.”

Many ASB members who understand the anxiety of the interviewees encourage them to always come prepared and promise that ASB will do the same.

Millan Kanaya, a senior and the publicity commission supervisor, said, “I think it’s absolutely important that the preparation goes both ways. They prepare to answer, and we prepare certain questions to get the best understanding of who they are. You can only get that level of understanding if both sides come prepared.”