ASB Presidents VS. Vice Presidents

ASB Presidents VS. Vice Presidents

On March 19, the ASB presidents, the senior vice presidents, and the senior presidents faced off in a St. Patrick’s Day rally in the quad at lunch time.

After many series of competitive games such as mummy wrap, Oreo unicorn, egg race, and marshmallow run.

The competition was fierce, letting the senior vice presidents take the lead.

But, the senior presidents weren’t going to let it be an easy defeat, slowly making their way into the lead.

The senior presidents, Jack Karasky and Jacob Rudger took the victory by a few points.

“The rally was a lot of fun and I couldn’t stop watching it,” said Alexa Wagner, a junior.

The crowd seemed very enthusiastic and drawn in by the excitement. Paper clover leavs were taped around school telling students to take the leaf and go to the ASB room to claim their prize.

The leaves were quickly swooped up and each student who found one received a toy for a prize.