AVID Club hosts an informational meeting for freshmen


Taisiia Yakovenko

Freshmen learned about the opportunities that they can get during an AVID informational meeting that was held in C14.

Taisiia Yakovenko, Staff Writer

Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) is a non-profit organization that was founded to help AVID students overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Carlmont High School is one of many schools in Bay Area that hosts an AVID program that provides their students with an opportunity to get more support when it comes to academic success and college applications.

AVID Club focuses on support of the program within Carlmont with help of AVID teachers and students. Recently, the club held an informational meeting for freshmen that were interested in becoming part of the program for their subsequent years at Carlmont.

According to Cynthia Shusterman, the AVID coordinator, ”The main purpose of this meeting is to inform current freshmen about AVID.”

Current AVID students were at the meeting to talk about the program and make sure that younger students got a full understanding of the goals  and possible benefits of the program.

“AVID is for students that want to do well but need a little push,” said Eve Garcia-Torbensen, a senior AVID student. “The program really helps with keeping track of your grades and working to improve them if needed.”

In addition to creating an environment that allows all AVID students to improve on their academics, AVID creates a sense of community by allowing their students to feel more comfortable among their peers and teachers.

According to Sarah Greenbaum, a senior AVID student and president, “AVID is a unique program that creates a sense of community among their students, provides them with lots of opportunities to discover their passions, and learn more about college.”

A lot of students are introduced to the program in middle school. However, most are not aware of all the possibilities that the program provides.

“We decided to have this meeting to reintroduce freshmen to the program so we can recruit more students,” said Garcia-Torbenses. “I think that most middle school kids are not really worried about college yet. However, freshmen and sophomores in high school are more likely to be interested in the program.”

The program provides students with an opportunity to discover their passions, set themselves on a right path for the future, and allows all students to maintain a good academic record while emphasizing personal relations with teachers and students.

“I want to join AVID to learn more about college,” said Sydney Schortgen, a freshmen. “In addition, I would work on improving my study skills and have a welcoming community that would help me to achieve my goals.”