Bay Area expected to freeze

Sarah Adams, Staff Writer

Temperatures in the Bay Area were expected to go below freezing starting Dec. 4 and will possibly lead to a blanket of snow by the end of the week.

The weather service issued a freeze watch across most of the Bay Area as there is concern that temperatures may lead to safety issues and possible harm to livestock, crops, and pets over the next few days.

The Bay Area braces for the cold this week.
The Bay Area braces for the cold this week.

Residents are being urged to take precautions to stay warm tonight and for at least the rest of the week to ensure safety. Bay Area temperatures are expected to end up in the 20s in the hills and around the high 40s in San Francisco.

Lauren Reo, a Redwood City resident, said, “I don’t feel great about having the weather that low. We are keeping our pets inside, but I’m worried about the ones living outside. My family is definitely keeping the heater up tonight.”

Reo takes care of horses and has expressed concern about them. She says that she plans to cover them up tonight to keep them warm, but is worried about the horses getting sick. It’s going to be a very cold, and possibly dangerous, next few days.

Daphne Schwartz, a San Carlos resident and 4H member, said, “It’s concerning because I have pets that live outside and are sensitive to super cold temperatures,” but also added that “it’s exciting because it’s almost never that cold in San Carlos.”

Schwartz owns many animals that live outside like chickens, rabbits, and more, and they are her biggest worry when it comes to the expected temperatures tonight. Even so, she also has a different perspective and is joined with many others who are enjoying the temperature changes tonight.

Bay Area residents have been urged to take safety precautions for the next few days because of these freezing temperatures. Families that also have pets, crops, and livestock have been asked to be especially wary.

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