BCS game Oregon vs. Auburn

Mondays are usually everybody’s least favorite day of the week, and one everyone would like to forget, though the BCS game made this a Monday worth remembering.

On Monday night was the BCS game with the Oregon Ducks playing against the Auburn Tigers. The game caught the attention of many, with fans dressed in green and yellow or orange and blue.

During the game there were a lot of mistakes that were made. The first mistake occurred in the first quarter when Oregon returned the kick off and slipped while receiving the ball.

Another mistake Oregon made was in the fourth quarter when Michael Dyer stopped running the ball because he thought he was down. Though the refs did not raise their hand so Dyer got up and ran 37 yards. From this run, Auburn got the winning field goal with a total of Auburn with twenty-two and Oregon with nineteen.

“One mistake was when Oregon was at the one yard line and tried to run into the end line even though each guy had forty-five pounds on them. Also, Dyre should’ve gotten called”, said Ethan Scardina.

When asked about her thoughts on the game Nikki Betteo said,”I think Dyre was tackled but his knees never touched the ground. I was happy Auburn won because I won a bet against my friend and he has to wear Auburn clothes for a week.”

Whether you rooted for the Ducks or the Tigers, it was a close game with the top two teams that played their best.