Bieber hashtag prank spawns fans self harm

First, a paternity scandal and now a hoax Twitter trend has forced Justin Bieber and his fans into the spotlight of skeptics once again.

His recent alleged marijuana bust sent many fans into an uproar. According to, the idea to self-harm stemmed from an anonymous account on, who suggested a fake protest against Bieber’s supposed drug use. The solution to Bieber’s crime? For fans to inflict harm upon themselves until Justin Bieber decided to stop smoking, and sharing the evidence through the twitter hashtag “#cut4bieber.”

Although this originated as a joke, many fans have taken it seriously. But why would these people turn to harming themselves?

Senior Tereza Dvorakova said, “I suppose it’s for attention mainly. Additional reasons can be to feel apart of a movement or an outlet for over dramatic feelings. Its absolutely crazy that such alarming behavior is supported in certain circles.”

Senior Lily Zheng explained that those who participate in the self-harming are “not ready to make any type of decision for themselves when the words ‘Justin Bieber’ are involved.”

The main motives behind the cutting still remains unclear. It could be for the attention, which the media has been giving plenty of, or it could just be purely for the attention of Justin. Whatever their reasoning, should these people be given attention or left alone?

Zheng provided a solution, “I think they should be made to stop, told how incredibly irrational they’re being, and maybe take a little break from the fangirling for a while.”

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