Blue Line Pizza serves simply exquisite dishes


Jackson Monge

Blue Line’s pizza deserves more praise than it could ever get.

Due to the recent increase in rent in the area, a few restaurants I highly enjoyed had to close. One of them was a really good pizzeria, so I had to go looking for another great pizzeria. Finding a restaurant that matched the greatness of the one I had lost seemed impossible until I eventually stumbled upon Blue Line Pizza.

Blue Line Pizza is located at 1201 San Carlos Avenue. It serves both thin and deep dish pizza with 12 and 16-inch sizes for the thin crust and 9 and 12-inches for the deep dish. The average price for a thin crust is about $17.50 (12-inch size) and around $18.50 for a deep dish (9-inch size).

I tried the garlic bread as an appetizer. I almost thought my pizza came out after only five minutes, but I was sadly was mistaken. However, the garlic bread was superb. You get about four of five pieces, give or take the one or two you’ll eat before you even know it. It tasted fresh out of an oven, and the cheese on it perfectly complemented the garlic. Plus, the marinara sauce is given on the side so you can make a de facto pizza.

Slathered in cheese and piping hot, you won't want to pass on this appetizer.
Jackson Monge
Slathered in cheese and piping hot, you won’t want to pass on the garlic bread.

The pizza was astoundingly good; all of it tasted high quality. Unlike some soggy, Domino’s-reheated crust, the crust was hot, fluffy, and tasted fresh. The cheese didn’t taste like some cheap spread; it was something I enjoyed taking my time with. It was perfectly melted, in that pristine state between solid and liquid. The sauce itself  was perfect. The amount put on the pizza blended perfectly with the cheese. Even with the smaller 12-inch size I couldn’t finish it, so I had to rely on a friend to help me finish. I can keep  going on and on about how good it was fresh out of the oven, but it’s almost as good reheated as it is made fresh. As I write this very paragraph I am eating a reheated slice. It keeps well, so you won’t have to worry about wasting any of it.

The train imagery of the logo reflects how the pizza takes you to a whole new world of flavor.
Jackson Monge
The train imagery of the logo reflects how the pizza takes you to a whole new world of flavor.

Blue Line Pizza is very busy, so try to make a reservation ahead of time or order on the phone, because sometimes the pizza can take awhile — as in 20 minutes extra.

Despite the wait, Blue Line Pizza is a great place to go for excellent quality pizza. Don’t be afraid of the price. It’s worth your time and money. You will not be dissatisfied with the pizza nor the appetizers, nor any of the food they serve.

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