Boys JV lacrosse continues their losing streak


Trey Chock

The Scots prepare for their game with offensive drills and warm-ups.

Trey Chock, Staff Writer

The frigid winds seemed to be pushing Sacred Heart forward in a stunning comeback against the Scots on March 15.

That night, the Carlmont JV boys lacrosse team hoped to turn their losing streak around in a game against their new opponent, only for it to end in an upset, with the Irish prevailing 11-6.

The game began with the Scots quickly taking advantage of their opponent’s mistakes, particularly dropped balls and missed passes, scoring a goal within the first few minutes. However, the Irish retaliated with their own goal, tying the game.

This progress didn’t last long, as the Scots regained possession of the ball and maintained it for a majority of the first quarter, visibly frustrating the enemy team. To the audience’s disappointment, the Scots were not able to make anything of their offensive stronghold, with neither team able to score for the rest of the quarter.

The Irish were not the only ones frustrated with the game, as the Scots appeared to be upset with the standing referees.

Parker English, a freshman, said, “I think our team did very well, but we just got unlucky with the refs […] they messed us up in some cases.”

His twin, Alex English, who is also a freshman, shared the same concerns and also thought they could’ve prepared better.

“Before next game, we need to work on defensive slides–and maybe get some better refs,” said Alex English.

However, the second quarter started off with an opposite effect, with the Irish maintaining an offensive on the Scots’ half. With this, the former scored the first point of the second quarter. This achievement was met with the Scots scoring a goal of their own, with a long pass across the field and a strong finish from the Scots offense. The offense continued to build up momentum, scoring another point just minutes later with a shot to the bottom corner of the goal.

All in all it was a great game, and we have a great future ahead of us.”

— Coach Chris Agbanusi

Despite this, the Irish were able to match the Scots goal for goal, and quickly shifted the score in their favor with a quick counter-attack to a failed offensive, ending the first half.

In the second half, the Irish were eager to keep their lead, scoring another goal just minutes into the third quarter. This progress continued steadily, scoring another two goals towards the end of the third quarter. Luckily, the Scots managed to score a goal with seconds left on the clock, concluding the third quarter.

Unfortunately for the Scots, the Irish were more than happy to get revenge in the fourth, scoring two more goals, while the former had managed to score only one, with only minutes remaining before the game’s end. The Scots were unable to make use of the remaining time and ended up losing to the Irish by a score of 11-6.

The Scots aren’t known for going down easy and are making preparations for their next game.

“All in all it was great, but we just need to work on catching and passing before the next game,” said coach Chris Agbanusi.

Sacred Heart Cathedral students are called the “fighting Irish” for a reason, and the name is clearly well-deserved after this match’s turnout.

The Scots play again against Los Altos on March 22.

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