Breaking News: Mountain lion sighting shocks residents


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A mountain lion prowls at night. Early this morning, an aggressive mountain lion was identified near Carlmont.

*Article updated on Jan. 22

A mountain lion classified as aggressive was spotted in Belmont, CA at approximately 2 a.m. on Jan. 19.

The mountain lion was confirmed to have attacked and killed another mountain lion in a residential neighborhood west of Carlmont High School. 

Mountain lions are typically non-confrontational and typically live solitary lives. This mountain lion’s threatening behavior is concerning to locals.

The mountain lion was deemed aggressive by the Belmont Police Department and game wardens, and a message was sent out at 7 a.m. to parents, students, and staff at Carlmont High School via the Remind app as a precautionary measure; however, the local authorities arrived at the conclusion that it was safe for students and staff to attend school at the regular time.

Students had various reactions to the situation, some had no concern at all, while others were worried about the severity of the potential danger.

“I wasn’t really worried because it was in the area so long ago, but it’s good that the school alerted everyone,” said Arshan Perwad, a sophomore at Carlmont High School.

Belmont officials are still searching for the mountain lion and will update the community once there are further developments.

While most students were unbothered, residents near the encounter are worried about the chance of such incidents happening in the future.

“I worry about my personal safety after hearing about this, but especially the safety of my kids when they are out and about in the neighborhood,” said Melissa Brower a mother of two. Brower lives near the location of the mountain lion sighting.

If ever confronted by a mountain lion, experts recommend appearing as large as possible and making noise. Mountain lions are typically timid and will stay away from large figures and sounds.

It still poses danger to the community, and it is important to stay alert,”

— Arshan Perwad

“A mountain lion was once in my yard and I made as much noise as possible; the mountain lion ran off without any sign of aggression,” Brower said.

Although the mountain lion has not been encountered since the attack, it is still important to stay alert and vigilant.

“I will continue to keep watch knowing the mountain lion is still roaming around, as it still poses danger to the community, and it is important to stay alert,” Perwad said.

While frightening to residents, this situation could prove to be a valuable lesson for future incidents.

“It’s a good learning experience, and I’m sure my kids and I will be prepared if something like this happens again,” Brower said.