California schools getting facelifts

California schools receive new funding, updates, and technologies.

California schools receive new funding, updates, and technologies.

Sarah Adams, Staff Writer

San Mateo High School is about to open their new $28 million Performing Arts center as California sets new school budgets for the 2013-2014 school year and other local schools noticeably continue to improve their facilities, equipment, and technologies.

San Mateo High School’s new theater is said to have new technical components that rival any Bay Area theater. It includes a 70-foot-high loft above the stage which can raise and lower up to 50 backdrops. This theater is also the new home base for the Bay Area’s Peninsula Symphony.

Also this year, officials are working on a proposition to improve funding throughout California. Even though this has not yet been implemented local California schools continue to improve and modify.

The state is expected to give $6,816 per student to each school district once the proposition is fully implemented.

Over the years, there has been a lot of talk about California school funding problems. According to many funding analysts, this could be one of the first major steps to turn those problems around.

Not only has San Mateo High School’s performing arts program been improved, but also at many other schools. Sophomore Jason McGee described his program as a “very high tech choir with equipment in great condition.”

Carlmont High School continues to be well known for its also “very high tech” performing arts center. There is a lot of funding going into programs like this, providing enough money to buy new music every year for student use at Carlmont and to have a music library with student access.

There are also other areas of school that are gaining attention like technology, and recently, biotechnology. Carlmont sophomore Matt Veronda said that he “noticed that the biotechnology wing has gotten newer and more current equipment.”

Many school areas have gotten increased funding over the past months. Technology and resources are vastly improving and there is no indication that advances will discontinue in California.

School budgets are looking up in California, providing enough funding for improvements already on the drawing board and even more to come.

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