Breaking News: Car accident halts traffic at Carlmont


Elle Horst

The aftermath of the car accident outside Carlmont’s senior parking lot.

*Article updated on Feb. 16

A car accident involving two vehicles occurred on Feb. 8, just outside of Carlmont High School’s senior parking lot. While there are no reports of injuries, both cars involved sustained significant exterior damage.

The crash happened around 8:30 a.m.; the two cars collided at the intersection of Alameda de Las Pulgas and Chula Vista Drive.

The Belmont Police Department quickly blocked off the roads to provide safety and investigate the scene. However, this created a large amount of traffic due to congestion on the road and the number of students arriving at school.

This intersection is known to be difficult due to the amount of traffic, and its four-way stop only adds to the confusion. Many feel an accident at this intersection was inevitable.

“I am surprised that there have not been more accidents, considering the intersection has a lot of cars moving in different directions and kids crossing the street to get to school,” sophomore Prithvi Dixit said.

The Belmont Police Department has not released a report on the accident yet.

The accident backed up traffic for many blocks in all directions, challenging students and staff with being on time as backups stretched almost one mile. 

“My house about a mile down Chula Vista was all blocked by a row of cars, many of [which were driven by students, and a majority were getting very frustrated as time went on,” said Janice Levitt, a Belmont resident.

In addition to being late to class, some parents and students were stuck in the senior lot due to the blockage.

“I entered the senior lot to drop off my son, and by the time I was exiting the accident had already happened, leaving me stuck in the lot,” said Andy Chen, a Carlmont parent.

While the accident was not considered severe, many, especially students in the area, have changed how they feel about driving in the area. “The accident definitely affects my thinking and how I will approach bringing my car into Carlmont… I may consider waking up earlier to avoid such a busy time,” Dixit said.

The good thing about the situation is that no one was injured in the accident and that it serves as an important tip to all drivers.

“Stay vigilant, alert, and most of all, stay safe,” Chen said.