Carlmont administrators enable wifi for students across campus

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Carlmont administrators enable wifi for students across campus

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After almost two years of having wireless routers installed across Carlmont’s campus, school administrators on Friday, Mar. 9, finally launched the anticipated student access portal, “suhsd-students”, for students to use their personal devices on campus.

Before Carlmont had campus-wide Internet access for students, students had very limited access of where an Internet-enabled computer was available on campus to check emails, open a Google Docs file, or to visit his or her Infinite Campus account.

With more teachers incorporating technology into their curriculum with PowerPoint presentations, Internet research projects, and typed reports, students were left with either cramming in the school library during lunch racing for the last spot on the computer or waiting until they returned home to access a computer.

The recent change made by school administrators to give students Internet will soon allow students to take full advantage of bringing their own electronic devices to school wherever they want.

Other schools across the United States have seen an increase in productivity and creativity in students after enabling wifi for students on their campus.

To accommodate these changes, some departments on Carlmont’s campus such as the library will modify their technology policy next school year to allow students to use their personal devices as long as the device is on silent.

The student portal will be able to access the same web pages as computers on Carlmont’s campus, which means most social networking sites will be blocked to prevent students from getting sidetracked during school.

Scot Scoop News will have a full guide on how to connect to the new student portal, “suhsd-students”, next week when school administrators release more details.

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