Carlmont Awaits Spring Break

On March 30, spring break will officially begin for the Carlmont students and staff. Whether they are staying home or going on a vacation,the students of Carlmont High School are excited for the upcoming spring break.

Junior Billy Tabakis has exciting plans for his spring break. During the spring break, Tabakis will attend his family’s ranch for the entire week.

“I’m so excited for the spring break!” exclaimed Tabakis, ” My family and I are looking forward to spending time outside of home!”

Like Tabakis, junior Shawn Geronimo is also spending his spring break outside of his home town.

“My family and I are heading to Southern California to look at colleges.” said Geronimo

Unlike Tabakis and Geronimo, some students are staying home during spring break. Junior Christopher Fong is among those who are staying home during the break.

“I don’t think I have any plans,” said Fong, “I think I’m just going to stay home, play video games, and maybe spend time with some friends.”

Fong is not the only one who is spending spring break at home. Junior Ricardo Williams will also spend his spring break at home.

“I’m going to just hang out around home,” said Williams, “I may hit up some of my friends and hang out with them too.”