Carlmont chalk wall spreads positivity


Parker English

The chalk wall provides a fun and relaxing atmosphere at Calrmont.

Parker English, Staff Writer

Distractions are always appreciated in the stressful lives of high school students.

On March 7 and March 8, the freshman leadership class set up an activity in the quad meant to relieve stress. This activity was a chalk wall where students came to express their artistic ability or just to chat with friends.

The main group running the event consisted of five freshmen: Elizabeth Gurevich, Leah Yusupov, Vanessa Lazcano, Ayal Meyers, and Szymon Kozlowski.

It was awesome to see all of the colors and positive messages that were written by the end of the activity.”

— Chloe Palarca-Wong

Many students gathered at lunch throughout these two days to relax and draw anything that came to mind.

“This event wasn’t meant to teach anything. We just wanted people to have fun, be stress-free, and be with their friends,” Gurevich said.

The wall, located on the backside of the bleachers, wasn’t limited to certain groups at Carlmont.

“The chalk wall was open to all students on campus. We didn’t want anyone to feel like they couldn’t participate. Everyone was welcome to draw, relax, and have fun,” Yusupov said.

The all-inclusive wall was open to students of any artistic ability, allowing them to freely express their ideas.

“I’m not good at drawing, but the chalk wall was a fun way to let out all of my stress from the day. Talking and drawing with friends was an awesome way to forget about school and enjoy my lunch,” said Tomas Ronderos, a sophomore.

Despite the extensive coordination from the freshman leadership class, the students could not have set up the event without Jim Kelly, their teacher and the Carlmont activities director.

“Mr. Kelly runs the leadership class, so this couldn’t have been done without him. However, with everything he does, he likes it to be student-run,” Gurevich said.

The event turned out to be a great success as many people spent their lunch drawing and having fun. By the end of the second day, the wall had been covered with countless messages and pictures spreading positivity.

“It was awesome to see all of the colors and positive messages that were written by the end of the activity,” said sophomore Chloe Palarca-Wong.