Carlmont One Act Festival’s dramatics


Brendan Kain and Avery Waibel pose after the One Acts

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Brendan Kain and Avery Waibel pose after the One Acts

The Carlmont advanced drama class held their 7th annual One Act Festival on Thursday and Friday, April 19 and 20, in the Carlmont Black Box Theater.

Performances included several different genres of theater, ranging from a slapstick comedy to sad, dramatic performances.

One particularly heart-wrenching performance was the piece titled “Post-Its” about a couple’s life together, who write each other notes on Post-Its. The piece spans from the first time the two came to each other’s houses to when the husband is left alone after the wife’s death.

Other acts included a rendition of “Who’s On First?” originally performed by Abbott and Costello, and a performance about a woman at her husband’s funeral that is pestered nonstop by a man who knew her husband.

“It was a unique experience,” said Melissa Newton who played a messenger girl in the last piece, a parody of the process of putting on a production of Cinderella. “I am kind of a family with everyone and I love being on stage with them.”

The last piece, a particularly funny one that had the audience in stitches, featured unusual twists on the classic Cinderella characters, including two males playing females roles (the elder stepsister and the fairy godmother).

“My favorite part was the part where I crash and fall,” Newton laughed about her part, where she speeds in on a scooter without brakes, then crashes into the opposite wall hilariously.

The One Act Festival is put on every year by the Carlmont advanced drama class. The performance was free, but donations were accepted.