Carlmont Prom Competition ignites creativity

Prom season is almost in full swing at Carlmont: along with it comes the discussion of dresses, makeup, and creative ways that people get asked to prom.

This year, Carlmont ASB has decided to introduce a new incentive to think of a creative way to ask a date to prom: a prom competition.

“We decided to do a prom competition because, for the past few years, people have been really into asking their dates in cute ways, and we thought it was a clever way to encourage people to have fun and go to prom,” said Monica Chin.

To enter the competition, you must post a video or a picture of you asking your date to prom on the Carlmont Prom Competition 2013 page on Facebook. All of the contestants will receive a minor prize, and two lucky winners will receive the grand prize: two free prom tickets.

There are only a few simple steps students must do in order to win: get a lot of likes on the picture or video, win the support of the teacher panel, and win the support of the underclassmen panel. The members of both panels have yet to be announced. The final day to enter is April 12.

According to Chin, “The judges are looking for creativity. They want to see the most unique and stand out proposal.”

Many Carlmont students are enthusiastic about the competition: “It’ll make the guys step up,” said Kendal Wise, a senior at Carlmont.

Others have a more negative view: “I think it’s a good idea and everything, but I feel like it’s going to be biased,” said Raychel Mattman, a senior at Carlmont.