Carlmont students anticipate a night to remember


Ashley Huang

As students prepare to attend prom, prom proposals become popular and students are often found carrying flowers.

Ashley Huang, Staff Writer

Thanks to its glorification in movies and television shows, prom is often regarded as one of the most memorable experiences of a high school student.

This year, the ASB dance commission has been working hard to plan out a special night for Carlmont students who will attend prom on April 28.

Kimberly Lane, a senior and dance commission supervisor, said, “Dance commission starts planning for prom two years prior to book the venue. Next, we start paying deposits for the venue. Then, right after formal, we create a theme and that is when the dance starts to take shape.”

Prom is for everyone. We don’t want to turn down anyone from going.”

— Becky Kosovsky

This year’s prom will be located at The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and will have a theme inspired by the deep blue.

Sophomore Becky Kosovsky, a dance commissioner, said, “The Academy of Sciences is a really nice venue so it’s on the pricier side.”

The dance commission does everything from booking DJs to coordinating parent volunteers, so they must work closely with the finance commission.

Prom tickets have ranged from $70 to $90 since sales began on April 17 and will continue to be sold at $90 until April 28.

Because of the expensive tickets to get into the dance, the finance commission set aside a certain amount of money for the sole purpose of providing financial aid to those who need it.

“Prom is for everyone. We don’t want to turn down anyone,” Kosovsky said.

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