Seniors prepare for their final prom


Izzy Mitchell

Seniors at the 2016 prom celebrate one of their final events as Carlmont students.

Jordan Greene, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end, the final prom for Carlmont seniors approaches.

For many seniors, prom will be one of their final high school dances and an opportunity to connect with their grade as a whole.

ASB dance commission has been hard at work with final preparations for the event to ensure that all seniors have one last meaningful dance before they graduate.

Michelle Tenin, a junior and a member of the dance commission, said, “We’ve been working really hard, especially throughout these last couple of days, to ensure that our school can have the prom it deserves. These last two weeks, myself along with the other members of the dance commission have given up a bunch of our class time to make sure that seniors have one of their best high school memories.”

With the dance scheduled for April 28, seniors have begun to develop mixed emotions about it being the end of their high school career.

It’s crazy to think how just about a year ago I was preparing for my first prom, and now I’m getting ready for my last.

— Erica Pang

Erica Pang, a senior, said, “I’m looking forward to prom and spending time with the friends I’ve had all four years for one of the last times. It’s crazy to think how just about a year ago, I was preparing for my first prom, and now I’m getting ready for my last.”

Other seniors are also shocked by the idea that this will be one of their last memorable nights of high school.

“With prom being one of the last big events that the seniors are doing, besides the picnic, the realization that we will be graduating is finally setting in,” said Jacob Zhong, a senior.

Although some seniors wish that they could hold onto high school, some students see prom as an indicator of the fun towards the end of the year and summer as well.

“Prom will be a big relief from the school year, and we’re almost graduating,” said Carla Valencia, a senior. “It’s exciting that this is my last time buying a dress and getting ready with my friends, and I can’t wait to make these memories.”

On their last prom night, many students in the class of 2017 look forward to having fun and enjoying a memorable night with their peers.

“At the end of the night I’m sure there will be a huge sense of closure and cohesiveness,” said Zhong.