Caught between summer and winter


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Recently, the weather at Carlmont has been switching between blazing hot and bitter cold and Carlmont’s students struggle to adjust to the varying temperatures.

The school has experienced temperatures uncharacteristic for March, ranging from hot to cold.

Often times, the weather is cold in the morning and warms as the day wears on, with the high being around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the low being around 39 degrees.

Hallie Freitas explained, “The weather has been changing so much lately that it is hard to decide what would be the best to wear in the morning and right when you get used to the current weather, it changes.”

For those that have had trouble choosing between warm winter sweaters or summer shorts, there are more decision to be made. It is predicted to be about 71 degrees on Sat. March 9 and a mere two days later is said to be only 58 degrees.

Some may have trouble adjusting, but others enjoy the change in weather.

“I kind of like this weather because you get a little bit of winter and summer all in the same day,” said Shawna McDonough. “It is also nice because it is cold in the morning, but not extremely cold so you can still wear the same clothes.”

Students should expect more weather changes over the next week, whether they enjoy the varying temperatures or not.