Celebration Assembly plans to reflect on the past year


Izzy Mitchell

The 2016 Celebration Assembly brought many students together to celebrate their past year at Carlmont. Class of 2016 graduate, Erin Alonso, hops on the shoulders of her friend and current junior, Jason Lloyd, to celebrate her last year at Carlmont.

Izzy Lunderman, Staff Writer

As summer slowly creeps up, Carlmont students are eager to trade in books for bikinis and boring lunch food for exotic summer treats.

For many students at Carlmont, the end of the school year is a bittersweet moment; seniors are off to college and a new batch of freshmen enter the mix of students.

However, for the ASB assemblies commission, the end of the year is a time to reflect and celebrate another year at the annual Celebration Assembly.

“At the Celebration Assembly, awards are given out for things such as athlete of the year, club of the year, and teacher of the year. Additionally, many student groups perform,” said sophomore Olive Peschel, a member of the assemblies commission. “It’s a great time for students and teachers to celebrate their school.”

Although the assemblies commission oversees and plans what goes on at the celebration, the emcees act out these plans and engage students.

Sophie Clark and Ryan Geronimo, both seniors, along with Jimmy Rudger, a junior, are well-known emcees and have hosted many assemblies and events at Carlmont.

“When I’m an emcee at an assembly or an event like Carlmont’s Got Talent and the crowd feeds off of my energy and excitement, it feels so amazing. I feel like I am making a difference at Carlmont by just being me and that feels awesome,” said Rudger.

With this assembly being the last major event they will host, Clark and Geronimo cannot help but feel a little unsettled with the reality that they will no longer be a student at Carlmont.

“It’s so surreal that this year is the last time I will ever be a Carlmont Scot, let alone a Carlmont emcee. This school has been so amazing to me and I will miss everyone when I graduate,” said Clark.

The Celebration Assembly brings joy to some and sorrow to others, but overall, it brings the Carlmont Scots together to celebrate their school.