Restaurant Guide: Where to get the cheapest pizza in San Carlos


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Located on Laurel Street in San Carlos across the street from Diddams and Pete’s Coffee, Speederia Pizzeria serves a strong variety of custom and generic thin crust New York style pizzas that can be bought both by the slice and by the whole.

The very cheap prices and ready to eat slices makes it a fast and easy place to grab a bite, but ordering a whole pizza will result in a bit of a wait.

Because the building is on the smaller side, the seating capacity is sufficient, but small. The drink selection is limited to a soda machine and bottles of water in the back.

In my experience I ordered the pesto garlic chicken and the Brooklyn pizzas.

The chicken slice contained the ingredients in its name and the Brooklyn was filled with assorted meats.

The ingredients complemented each other and the perfectly layered crust and cheese to create a delightful piece of pizza.

The service was very quick as they only needed to reheat the slices, but what really makes eating at Speederia an enjoyable experience is the low prices.

Unlike many overpriced “pizza by the slice” restaurants, Speederia offers two slices and a drink for as cheap as a single slice at other places.

The only downside is when the pizzeria becomes overcrowded, the pre-made pizzas runs out forcing the workers to make every order by demand creating much longer waits.

Overall: 4.5 stars

Seating Capacity: Small

Price: Low ($$)

Kids: Yes