Christian club helps students express their faith at school


Aaron Trierweiler

A student holds her textbooks along with her Bible as she prepares for school.

Aaron Trierweiler, Staff writer

“My faith is a key part of my life that defines my values and interactions with others, and I feel blessed to be able to express and share that at school,” said Kiran Boone, a senior and one of the co-leaders of Christian club.

For Boone, faith is a key part of her life.  It is something that she is very proud of and wants to be able to share with others in and around her community.  There are ways that she can do it outside of school, such as with a church group, or with her family, but inside school is a different story.  

Every Thursday, Boone meets with others who profess the same Christian faith in room C13; this is Christian club.  

“We hold studies to learn what the Bible says and how it applies to our lives today, and everyone is encouraged to bring in topics to discuss,” said Kalea Pasion, a senior and co-leader of Christian club.

At Christian club, various group leaders will come in every week bringing in something new to study or play.  One way that students can learn about Christianity in Christian club is through interactive games that put emphasis on what the lesson is that day.  

As a whole, Christian club is there for students to express their faith at school, to meet new people, and to enjoy a lunch playing fun games.

“By going to Christian club, I learned that I wasn’t alone in my faith at school, and I was able to make new friends that I wouldn’t have without going to the club,” said Mario Pellegrini, a senior.

To Pellegrini, it is very important to know that someone isn’t alone in their faith, culture, or anything else because they don’t get the satisfaction of knowing that there are other people that think and feel the same ways as them. 

“Everyone walks through life in their own way, but people’s paths cross, and I find it exciting to see how God uses people to change the lives of others,” said Pasion.