Cold weather affects outdoor dining at Vivace


Garrett Paulus

Dana Figini, the Vivace bartender, serves customers right as the restaurant opens their doors.

A recent surge of cold weather has plagued local restaurants’ outdoor seating, diminishing attendance of outdoor dining.

Starting the third week of October, cold weather began to roll into the Bay Area. Local restaurants such as Vivace, an Italian cuisine restaurant in Belmont, have been majorly affected due to the change in weather.

“When there’s rain, and we’re in this gloomy weather, no one wants to sit outside. Everyone wants to sit inside,” Vivace bartender Dana Figini said.

Previously, Vivace’s outdoor seating arrangements included heaters and roofing in preparation for cold weather. However, Belmont decided to repave the sidewalks and streets outside of the restaurant, leading Vivace to take down these utilities. Currently, Vivace’s outdoor setup is similar to what it was a few years ago and includes outdoor chairs and side tables. 

“I would rather sit inside, especially when it’s storming outside like it is,” Melissa Fitzpatrick, a frequent customer of Vivace, said.

Although Vivace’s current outdoor seating cannot be utilized in these weather conditions, the restaurant is still bringing in customers with their indoor seating, which includes booths, a bar with several tables, a rentable back room, and regular dining tables. Long-time employee, hostess, and server Kelsey Nance said that this weather increases their business.

“When we have colder weather like this, it brings in more people because people don’t want to sit at home and eat or go outside to the grocery store and have to cook. They like to eat out, and that’s why this is a very popular time for us,” Nance said.

Since the colder weather is coming in steadily, Vivace is ready and prepared to serve anyone who wants to get out of the cold weather and eat some Italian cuisine inside.

“I’m really excited to see how the cold weather plays out for us, and I hope it’ll be a positive,” Figini said.