Coyote Cafe: student favorite


[media-credit id=48 align=”aligncenter” width=”300″][/media-credit]The popular Mexican cafe, Coyote Cafe, is located in the Carlmont Shopping Center in Belmont.

It serves the typical assortment of Mexican foods ranging from burritos to a plate of nachos.

Being a smaller cafe, their specialties are creative specialty burritos like the jiffy burrito (peanut butter) or the fajita burrito.

Even though the food is far from mediocre in quality, the cost of the meal overpowers the taste.

They do provide free water and a small bowl of chips, but the already heightened prices along with the annoyingly constant trivial fees for items like extra guacamole or more than one refill make the eating experience less enjoyable.

The decor of the cafe well represents Mexican culture and adds a local feel with its sponsored sports teams and other homey touches.

In my experience at Coyote Cafe I ordered the fajita burrito which, like all burritos, had the option of carnitas, steak, or chicken. The chicken was well cooked and the burrito showed no signs of breaking, but the meal was a bit too wet.  The size of the burrito was sufficient for a small meal, but may not suffice as a full meal.

Overall with a fast enough service, pricey, but enjoyable food and a fast service, it is no wonder the Coyote Cafe is a Carlmont student favorite.

Price: 2.5

seating: medium small

kids: yes