Craft fair draws up creativity within the community


Penelope Singh

Donna Jones, a long time jewelry crafter, poses in front of her products at the craft fair.

After three years of suspension, the Belmont Holiday Craft Faire returned to a flurry of creativity amongst the community members.

On Nov. 19, artisans gathered at Twin Pines Park for Belmont’s annual craft fair. 

“This one is really special because we’re starting to get back to normal,” said Liz Martin, the owner of Black Cats Studio. 

The fair lets artisans participate as vendors who showcase their crafts. Items for sale ranged from handcrafted items to baked goods. On the sidelines, there were set-up games and refreshments for sale.  

The Belmont Holiday Craft Faire is typically held around winter when people can choose to pursue specific hobbies. For some sellers at the fair, crafts are a part-time interest that is especially fitting for the season.

“I only sell during the holidays, though I work on it all year,” said Donna Jones, the owner of DJ’s Jewelry. 

This one is really special because we’re starting to get back to normal.”

— Liz Martin

For Jones, thinking of arts and crafts as a fun side-activity can make it more enjoyable.

“I buy beads throughout the year, and I work on them on rainy days. It’s just my little hobby,” Jones said.

The fair has been an ongoing tradition for many of the vendors. However, COVID-19 put this tradition on hold as it interfered with many activities and events worldwide.  

With a return to greater normalcy, local craftspeople can finally continue displaying their work at events like the Belmont Holiday Craft Faire.

“I’ve been doing this for probably 10 years. We weren’t able to do it during the pandemic; it’s nice to have it back,” Jones said. 

The tradition’s comeback is significant for local businesses seeking to promote their work, and the vendors have been awaiting its return. 

“We’ve been looking forward to this as soon as the applications came out in August. I think I might have been the first to sign up,” Martin said.

Likewise, people attending the fair have waited for its return and treat it as a unique tradition. Some attendees have supported the fair for over a decade.

“We’ve come for years, if not decades. I think it’s been at least 20 years,” said Jen Vickerman, an attendee at the fair. 

Vendors and longtime attendees share an interest in artistry, and the fair brings together a community of people who enjoy the art of craftsmanship. 

“It’s nice to support local businesses and appreciate their work,” Vickerman said.

The rekindling of the Belmont Holiday Craft Faire gives a fresh start to the tradition.

It spreads the passion for art around the Belmont community and contributes to strengthening and assisting those in the local area. The fair can now carry on, connecting those who appreciate arts and crafts.

“This is what I really love doing; it’s a natural outlet for me,” Martin said.