Did MacFarlane go too far?

Did MacFarlane go too far?

Dominic Gialdini, Highlander Editor

Seth MacFarlane, host of the 85th Annual Academy Awards [image courtesy of Google Images].
The 85th Annual Academy Awards, like its predecessors, was very usual; the night consisted of a combination of entertaining and dull moments along with a host that was liked by some, but met with disdain by others.

Seth MacFarlane, voice actor, comedian, and creator of Family Guy, acted as this year’s host. MacFarlane’s use of crude and politically incorrect humor divided audiences.

One of the somewhat controversial points of the night came when MacFarlane sang an original song, “We Saw Your Boobs,” which poked fun at women who have appeared topless on the silver screen. Some found the song distasteful.

Casey Wilkinson, a senior at Carlmont, said, “I didn’t like Seth MacFarlane and I didn’t like his song.”

Not everybody disapproved of MacFarlane’s song.
Sophomore Raneem Mokatrin stated, “It looked like the people he called out were embarrassed about [the song], but it was candid and I found it amusing. I mean, if [the women mentioned] are going to show their boobs, then they best be expecting it.”
Some students were only mildly opinionated in MacFarlane’s performance. Sophomore Catherine Schulze simply said, “He was chill.”
A number of students were so disinterested in the Academy Awards that they did not even bother to watch the show, and therefore, were indifferent to MacFarlane.
Senior Miles Harris said, “I didn’t watch [the Academy Awards] because I’m not exactly one to care about the way an organized institution thought of a film so much as the way I thought of it.”
The Tuesday after the Oscars, MacFarlane stated on his verified Twitter account that he will not host again. Taking into consideration the mixed reviews he received, it remains unclear as to whether or not he will be missed.
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