Farm House provides good food and service in a time of need

The restaurant is not only offering delicious meals, but also giving back to community members who need it most


Katie Wheeler

Located at 1301 Sixth Ave., Belmont, Farm House is one of the many restaurants offering its services during the shelter in place.

In response to COVID-19, many restaurants now offer an online ordering and contactless pick-up and drop-off service. Of the various take-out options, one of my personal favorites so far has been Farm House

For many people, there may be a fear surrounding leaving your house during the shelter in place. Even if it’s just to pick up some essential groceries or go on a walk with your family, many still worry about the possibility of infection. However, Farm House seems to be taking all of the necessary precautions when it comes to packing and delivering orders. 

They claim that gloves are worn by workers at all times, and these gloves are replaced between the creation of each order. Customers are not allowed to wait inside or around the doors of the restaurant. Instead, they are asked to contact a phone number upon their arrival and remain in their car. In order to maintain a safe distance, clients are asked to pick up their meal from the table outside once they get a text that it is ready.

When I went to pick up my order, everything I saw was in line with these claims, and never, at any point, was I within even close to within six feet of another person.

On top of their new procedures, Farm House is going to even further lengths to provide for their clients. In order to give back to the community, Farm House is now presenting customers with the opportunity to donate a meal to those in need. 

The frontline workers at Sequoia Hospital have rightfully been a popular recipient of many of these donations. However, Farm House has also recently partnered up with Villages of San Mateo County to provide meals for the elderly members of our community who do not have access to transportation. 

These simple yet selfless acts are a great example of the attitude we all need to have right now.

But, the restaurant puts forward far more to praise than just their services within the community. Their food is that of a typical American cuisine; items such as burgers, salads, fish, and assorted pasta dishes fill the menu. And, for the adults who need a little bit more than just a positive mindset to get through the struggles of quarantine, Farm House is now offering discounted prices on all wines.  

So, if you’re feeling generous, or even just hungry for a good meal, head down to Farm House and support a local business.

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