FOMF begins this weekend

This Friday through Sunday, Carlmont students will be participating in the yearly event called FOMF.

FOMF, also known as Friends of Millard Filmore, is a scavenger hunt against schools across the bay area.

Carlmont created this event, but has failed to take home the first prize in many years.

The event starts Friday, Feb. 3 and ends this Sunday.

To participate in the event students are assigned a question about random knowledge that they must answer using libraries around the area.

The first people who sign up for the event usually get easier questions, but all prove challenging.

Students can choose to work with a partner making FOMF more enjoyable and social. Most participants don’t consider FOMF a forced assignment.

Other students, like Bita Shahrvini, were urged to do FOMF. “I was blackmailed into doing this. I was threatened with having to do a 7 page research paper, so I had to really struggle to get a spot in the FOMF lineup.”

FOMF is for freshmen through seniors and students are usually awarded extra credit in their history classes for participating.

Erika Kubisch commented, “FOMF is definitely a fun social event. My Western Civilization teacher is offering extra credit so it’s an incentive to do it.”

If you have any questions, contact Patricia Braunstein in D-27. Hopefully Carlmont can win and make the founders of FOMF proud.