Food Drive helps Carlmont families in need


[media-credit id=52 align=”alignnone” width=”300″][/media-credit]This fall, Carlmont students will help get other Carlmont families through the holiday season by donating canned food to their fourth period class.

The concept is easy: A student donates a canned food item and it is guaranteed to go to a Carlmont family in need.

“The main goal is to get students to help out their fellow Scots. Although they may not know it, the person sitting next to them in math class could be going hungry on a daily basis. This problem can be solved simply by donating a can. That’s the beauty of the food drive. It is nearly meant for internal improvements,” said Monica Chin, ASB student and coordinator of the food drive.

The canned food drive has been a huge success in the past and in order to make it more successful this year, a prize will be given to the fourth period class that collects the most food.

The prize has given students motivation to donate.

“I am excited to see what the prize is. For now I’m just going to focus on donating as much food as I can so our class can win,” said Andrew Durlofsky.

While a class prize is especially rewarding, everyone who donates will be rewarded with the satisfaction that they helped get a Carlmont family through the holidays.

Carlmont ASB has relied on one main fact in order to promote the food drive.

“25 percent of Carlmont families will go through the holidays without food. This is our motivation for the food drive. We, as a Carlmont community cannot let our peers go hungry,” Chin added.

All students and teachers are encouraged to participate in the canned food drive.

They can donate as much canned food as possible to their fourth period class until Nov. 21.