Free spirit gear for class of 2015


Sophomores looking for some protection from the sun are in luck this October. The sophomore class officers will be giving out free “Class of 2015” sunglasses during homecoming week to promote school spirit.

Sophomore class officers James Pak, Amanda Breslaur, and Adam Cobb were happy to find extra money in their sophomore class account, and decided to use this money to give their class a little gift.

“We wanted to get our school spirit up and thought sunglasses would be something everybody can have to show that they’re part of a great class,” said Cobb, sophomore vice president.

The decision to give out sunglasses was also prompted by the fact that the sophomore homecoming float theme is ‘Hawaiian.’

“I am excited because I think it can promote the class of 2015 to become more involved and more aware and to show that we are just really awesome,” said sophomore Megan Guillermo.

It won’t be hard to spot these sunglasses around campus once they are handed out. The class officers ordered 500 pairs of sunglasses; almost enough for every student in the sophomore class to have.

Although the sophomore class will not be making a profit from the distribution of sunglasses, they plan to sell more spirit gear in the future.


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