French Honors Society


Veronika Dvorakova

Co-President Lia Eldridge and Vice President Brian Palma plan upcoming meeting.

Veronika Dvorakova, Art Director/Columnist

Striped shirts, berets, baguettes, and the Eiffel tower: all typical things that come to mind on the subject of French culture.

In recent years, the French language and culture have captured the interest of people throughout the globe, including many Carlmont students.

Senior Brian Palma is one such student. He is the vice president of the French Honors Society, and said, “The goal of French Honors Society is to socialize with other French students in order  to spread linguistic knowledge.”

French Honors Society, a club that is open to all francophone students, provides an opportunity for students to spend lunch time immersed in French culture at school.

French speakers who are not enrolled in French classes but are proficient in the language are always welcome at meetings.

Lia Eldridge, a senior and Co-president of French Honors Society, said,  “I want to enrich the lives of the members of French Honors Society by providing them with opportunities to learn more about French culture.”

The academically driven aspects of the club are balanced by enjoyable social aspects.

Palma said, “One great thing about French Honors Society is that I get to see some of my old friends that have already finished AP French. It’s great to see them.”

There is a laid back atmosphere during club meetings. Senior Sophie Fox, a member of French Honors Society, said,  “I like French Honors Society because I like practicing my French skills in the company of my friends.”

Meetings are held every other Thursday during lunch in room A5.

Eldridge said, “Every meeting is different; we play a variety of games during the meetings, and have group discussions. This year, we will go on outings as well.”

This year is the first time that French Honors Society plans to expand its programs beyond lunch time meetings.

According to Eldridge, “There’s usually a French film festival in San Francisco, so it would be cool if we could all go to that. We may also meet with students from other French Societies who attend different schools.”

Voulez-vous savoir comment mesurer le bonheur? Venez à la prochaine réunion, le jeudi 11 septembre.