Going holiday shopping in-store versus online


Mariela Ramirez

Amazon is one of the main websites people use to complete their holiday shopping.

Mariela Ramirez, Staff Writer

As the holiday season approaches, Americans scramble for efficient ways of getting gifts for friends and family.  

There are many options for getting presents for loved ones, whether it’s shopping online or in-store.

According to Forbes, 82 percent of shoppers expect to buy holiday gifts online, while 77 percent expect to buy gifts in physical stores. In addition, the survey revealed that Amazon is the top destination for online holiday shoppers.

“I like shopping on Amazon because it’s effortless and saves time,” said Calvin Hunter, a sophomore. “When you shop online you can find more products which is better than going to multiple stores just to find one item.”

There are many benefits to shopping online. One major advantage is skipping the long and tedious check-out lines and avoiding the chaotic environment in the stores.

However, the negative aspects of online shopping play a significant role in why some people still prefer to purchase gifts in-store.

“The problems with shopping online is that you never know if the item is actually what you see on the screen, and you never know if it will fit correctly when it comes to clothing,” said Olga Pyalling, a junior.

In addition, shipping and delivery delays are risks that shoppers must account for in order to avoid last minute trips to the mall.

Although there are many elements to consider, the choice of which shopping method customers doesn’t solely depend on the shopper, but also the individual who is being shopped for.

Rachael Kang, a senior, worked last year’s holiday season at the PacSun store in the Hillsdale Shopping Center.

“I notice that people mostly shop online when it’s not for them or for someone who isn’t immediate family,” Kang said. “Often, customers come into the store instead so we can help find something that will suit the person receiving the gift.”

The difference between a customer’s and an employee’s perspective of the hectic holiday shopping is obvious in Kang’s experience.

“It’s so busy and we’re running around so much that shoppers get frustrated when we don’t have enough time to help them,” Kang said.

Whether shopping is completed in a crowded store or from the comfort of a living room the choice is up to personal preference. But, at the end of the day, there is no such thing as painless holiday shopping.

“Generally, people are irritated because Christmas shopping is a stressful situation for anyone,” Kang said.