Greedy Ant Gourmet: small place with big flavor


Jackson Monge

The Greedy Ant has something for everyone, whether you love sandwiches or cheeses. One great option is the Moo-Shroom Melt. The mushrooms and red wine’s flavors make this sandwich a meat lover’s dream.

Jackson Monge, Staff Writer

Sandwich places.

Belmont has maybe too many of them: Subway, Lorenzo’s, Which Wich, Mr. Pickles, to name a few. However, it’s The Greedy Ant Gourmet that’s known for its modern take on sandwiches.

Their sandwiches are made with various cheeses (they have an entire chalkboard menu full of fancy cheeses if you have a paycheck to spare). The food felt good to eat — they seemed healthy and tasted twice their price.

Sandwich-wise, the Greedy Ant has a few menu items along with an option to make your own.

The sandwiches have their own fun names; I ate one called “The Moo-shroom Melt.”

The melt was made on white bread, had a bed of melted fontina cheese, and covered with a heap of roast beef, mushrooms, sautéed onions, herbs, red wine, organic vegetables, and their own special sauce, “Magic Mayo.”

I was blown away by how good it was. The roast beef wasn’t some cheap slightly dark ham you buy at Safeway — no, these were genuine strips of juicy steak that brought me back to the roast Po-Boy sandwiches I would just devour whenever I’d visit Louisiana.

The cheese was probably some of the best cheese I’ve had; it just had so much flavor to it. The mushrooms and red wine enhanced the meaty flavor, which made me love the sandwich so much more. The greens added a nice satisfying crunch — but I will say the tomatoes tasted like it did not belong.


Gooey mozzarella, organic greens, and chicken all put into a warm blanket of flatbread
Jackson Monge
Gooey mozzarella, organic greens, and chicken all put into a warm blanket of flatbread

Onto the panini, it was grilled on a flat bread and was similar to the Moo-Shroom Melt. It had chicken, organic vegetables, some of the “Magic Mayo” sauce, and melted ricotta cheese.

It was very different from the regular sandwiches — rather, it was almost like a chicken salad with ricotta in panini form. Not necessarily bad, but it could have used more meat. Overall, I enjoyed the panini — just not as much as the sandwich, but it is a strong choice to order.

Each sandwich is $9.25 and comes with a side. They were worth every single penny — each portion was enough to feed two people, so no need to worry about not having enough food.

Aside from sandwiches, The Greedy Ant offers additional sides. They have a selection of cheeses from $20 goat milk ones to free samples. They also have some assorted pasta and cookies — I ended up buying $4 worth of jelly cookies, which were totally worth it. They tasted high-quality and were a perfect level of sweetness.

The restaurant itself is decently-sized, so you will have room to bring your backpacks and a group of friends. The sandwiches came out in around three minutes, so you have no need to worry about sitting around for an eternity. Also, arriving after school will have you after the rush hour, so the lines will be long gone.

Also, by the time school ends, the rush hour line will be gone.

The Greedy Ant is where it’s at. Their high-end sandwiches are out of this world, and they deserve your attention.

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