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Gelataio opens its doors to downtown San Carlos, serving a variety of flavors of gelato and sorbetto.

Laurel Street’s Gelataio exceeds expectations

May 14, 2018

Peanut butter and Oreo-flavored gelato topped with a dark chocolate drizzle and a vanilla wafer is just one of the creations you can find at Gelataio. The 600 block of Laurel Street in do...

One Mitchell's Ice Cream display cases filled with different types of custom, home made flavors in half-gallon containers that customers can take home for $10 a piece.

Mitchell’s Ice Cream doesn’t live up to the expectation

April 28, 2018

Chaos, rude employees, and sub-par ice cream: that pretty much sums up my experience at popular ice creamery in San Francisco, Mitchell's Ice Cream. Located in South San Francisco, Mitchell’s has been pul...

Plentea's storefront in San Francisco on the corner of Pine and Kearny in the Financial District.

Plentea is a refreshing sip into the world of boba

March 10, 2018

Located on the corner of Pine and Kearny in San Francisco’s financial district, the popular bubble tea cafe Plentea made its debut to the public in 2014 and soon after opened another locat...

ICICLES provides a variety of flavor choices for their new customers in San Mateo.

ICICLES rolls into downtown San Mateo

January 18, 2018

Rolled ice cream, another new food phenomenon, has made its way down the peninsula. This past spring, ICICLES welcomed new customers from the San Mateo area to its new location...

The not-so-ceaser Chicken ceaser salad.

Pricey food at the Van’s Restaurant underwhelms

November 30, 2017

Have you ever been told to go to a restaurant by others because they say it is good? I happened to do that and I thought the opposite. On 815 Belmont Ave in Belmont, there is...

Just Panini recently opened its doors in early October to customers hungry for a fresh, hot panini.

Just Panini serves up delicious bites

October 5, 2017

Just Panini recently opened its doors to the San Carlos and Belmont community to share the yummy deliciousness of a simple grilled sandwich. Located at 711 Laurel St. in San Carlos, Jus...

The St. Louis style ribs were so tender that I almost ate the bone from time to time.

Waterdog Tavern: something familiar, something different

November 20, 2016

The new restaurant that opened up at the Carlmont Village Shopping Center had been getting a lot of positive reviews as of late, essentially forcing me to review it. Waterdog T...

The Greedy Ant has something for everyone, whether you love sandwiches or cheeses. One great option is the Moo-Shroom Melt. The mushrooms and red wine's flavors make this sandwich a meat lover's dream.

Greedy Ant Gourmet: small place with big flavor

October 12, 2016

Sandwich places. Belmont has maybe too many of them: Subway, Lorenzo's, Which Wich, Mr. Pickles, to name a few. However, it's The Greedy Ant Gourmet that's known for its modern take on sandwiches. Their sandwiches are made with various ch...

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