Kozy Kids Club kicks off a new semester


Skylar Weiss

Sophomore Katia Deynegay focuses while she cuts the fringes of a Kozy Kids blanket.

Skylar Weiss, Staff Writer

On Jan. 27, students met inside C12 during lunch to work on projects they had begun the previous semester.

Kozy Kids Club, which meets every Friday, was busy creating blankets.

“Kozy Kids Club is a service club here at Carlmont. We make these tie blankets and give them to children at the Lucille Packard Children’s Hosptial at Stanford,” said sophomore and club President Talia Fine.

“I started the club because of a personal experience. I had a family friend whose son was at the hospital. I gave the boy’s mother a blanket to make their time at the hospital a little brighter because I knew that they were dealing with something unpleasant. I feel as though these blankets make life a little cozier,” said Fine.

Once the blankets are finished, the club delivers them to the hospital.

“We give the blankets to one of the heads of volunteering at Stanford, and she handles them from there,” said Fine.

Kozy Kids Club has about twenty students trimming fuzzy sheets of fabric and tying the sheets together into blankets. The club has several different rolls of blanket fabric so that children at the hospital can enjoy a variety of different colors and patterns.


Sophomore Brandon Gee has been a club member since the organization started.

“I had never been in a club before, so I thought it was a good opportunity to come join, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I also like the idea of making blankets; it is a good cause,” said Gee.

Sophomore Lizzy Hall also regularly attends club meetings.

“I joined this club because I wanted to help the children and make their days better by making them smile. In this club, we try to help improve their lives by giving them blankets,” said Hall.

Sophomore Yarah Meijer enjoys how relaxed the setting of the meetings is.

“I like helping people. This a really easy way to do so because you can talk with your friends and have fun while helping others,” said Meijer.